How To Get Started
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How to create account & Login
How to create account

Click Sign Up button or follow this link

Then fill in the registration form, then press "REGISTER".

Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.

If you do not have ecurrency & cryptocurrency accounts, you can leave them blank, and add them later.

After you have completed it, you should copy your password and access your account directly.

How to login

You can click "Login" button to your dashboard.

How to make deposit
The steps of deposit

After you login to your account, click DEPOSIT link, then it will redirect to the deposit page.

You should choose the plan in which you want to invest, choose the payment processor you used. And fill the amount.

Click SPEND button, it will redirect the payment information page. Copy the wallet address to complete your payment. After you paid, your deposit will be automatically approved by our system at least 3 confirmations.

How to make withdrawal
The withdrawal steps

When your plan expired, click WITHDRAW link, then it will redirect to the withdrawal page.

You should select the payment processor which you invested, and fill your withdrawal amount.

Click "REQUEST" button, then "CONFIRM"your withdrawal and will be automatically processed by our system.

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